What is the Dac Button in Toyota Highlander
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The Dac button in Toyota Highlander stands for Downhill Assist Control. It is a feature that helps the vehicle maintain a steady speed when going downhill.

When driving on steep slopes, the Dac button helps to control the vehicle’s descent, preventing it from picking up excessive speed. This can be particularly useful in off-road or challenging terrain conditions where maintaining control and stability is crucial for safe driving.

The Dac system works by automatically applying the brakes to each wheel as needed, helping to regulate speed and enhance driver confidence when navigating downhill slopes. Understanding how the Dac button functions can empower drivers to make the most of this technology, ensuring a safer and more controlled driving experience in various types of terrain.

What is the Dac Button in Toyota Highlander

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Understanding The Dac Button

The DAC button, or Downhill Assist Control button, in the Toyota Highlander helps maintain a steady speed when navigating steep descents, enhancing vehicle control and stability. This feature provides added confidence for drivers facing challenging terrain and improves overall driving experience.

What is the DAC button? The DAC (Downhill Assist Control) button in Toyota Highlander is an advanced feature designed to assist the driver when driving down steep hills.
How does the DAC button work? When activated, the DAC button uses the vehicle’s ABS system to control the speed of each wheel, enabling a slow and steady descent down steep inclines without the need for constant braking, allowing the driver to focus on steering.
Benefits of the DAC button The DAC button provides enhanced control and stability when descending steep terrains, improving vehicle safety and reducing driver fatigue. It ensures a smooth, controlled descent, which is especially valuable in off-road and challenging driving conditions.
When to use the DAC button The DAC button is recommended for use when driving down steep hills, rugged terrain, or slippery surfaces, providing valuable assistance in maintaining a safe and controlled descent.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Is The Dac Button In Toyota Highlander

What Is The Dac Button In Toyota Highlander?

The DAC button stands for Downhill Assist Control. It helps maintain a controlled speed when driving downhill, enhancing vehicle stability and reducing the need for heavy braking. This feature is especially useful in off-road and slippery conditions, providing drivers with added confidence and control.

How Does The Dac Button Work In Toyota Highlander?

When the DAC button is engaged, the system automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed by applying individual brakes to each wheel, ensuring a smooth and controlled descent. This allows the driver to focus on steering, without the worry of gaining excessive speed on steep declines, making for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

When Should I Use The Dac Button In Toyota Highlander?

The DAC button is ideal for steep downhill descents, especially in off-road or slippery conditions. It assists in maintaining a steady and controlled speed, reducing the need for heavy braking and offering enhanced stability. As such, it’s recommended for use in challenging terrain where extra control is necessary.


The DAC button in the Toyota Highlander provides enhanced control and safety when driving on steep or slippery terrain. Its ability to manage speed and braking makes it a valuable feature for off-road enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike. Understanding how to use this function can empower drivers to navigate challenging road conditions with confidence.

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