Is Acura Japanese Or American
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Acura is a Japanese car brand that is a division of the American automaker, Honda. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Honda is the parent company of Acura, which is considered a North American brand with most of its manufacturing plants located in the United States.

Acura models such as ILX, TLX, RDX, and MDX are largely produced in North America, particularly at the Marysville plant in Ohio, making Acura an American-made car brand. The brand’s luxury and reliability are reflective of Japanese car manufacturing, while its affiliation with Honda emphasizes its connections to the American market.

Acura’s Historical Background

Acura is a luxury vehicle marque manufactured by Honda, a renowned Japanese automaker. The brand was established in 1986, signifying Honda’s entry into the luxury vehicle market. Acura is closely associated with Honda and is essentially the luxury division of the company. While Honda is a Japanese automaker, Acura’s expansion to the American market led to a common misconception regarding its origins. However, Acura’s roots are undeniably Japanese, as it was created and developed by Honda. Furthermore, Acura’s production facilities are predominantly located in North America, with manufacturing plants in the United States. This exemplifies the brand’s firm establishment in the American automotive industry, despite its Japanese heritage.

Is Acura Japanese Or American


Acura’s Manufacturing Locations

Acura’s manufacturing locations are a reflection of its global production strategy. The production of Acura vehicles takes place both in Japan and North America, showcasing the brand’s international presence. The manufacturing in Japan adds to the luxury and reliability associated with Japanese cars, while the North American manufacturing locations in the United States contribute to Acura’s American-made identity. This dual production strategy provides Acura with a diverse manufacturing base, aligning with the brand’s international market reach.

Perception And Consumer Viewpoints

Acura, the luxury division of the Japanese automaker Honda, has a significant presence in the American automotive market. It reflects the luxury and reliability associated with Japanese cars. Most Acura models, including the ILX, TLX, RDX, and MDX, are manufactured in North America, with the main plant located in Marysville, Ohio. Acura proudly emphasizes its American manufacturing, as the entire lineup is made in the United States. Despite being a subsidiary of Honda, Acura is considered an American car brand due to its base and manufacturing being predominantly based in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions For Is Acura Japanese Or American

Is Acura An American Made Car?

Yes, most Acura models, like ILX, TLX, RDX, and MDX, are manufactured in North America. The Marysville plant in Ohio has the largest production capacity. Acura also manufactures in East Liberty, Ohio, and Anna and Russells Point.

What Nationality Is An Acura?

Acura is a Japanese luxury car brand with most models made in North America.

Why Is Honda Called Acura In America?

Honda is called Acura in America to separate its luxury line from mainstream Honda vehicles.

Is Acura Or Lexus Better?

Acura and Lexus both offer excellent luxury vehicles with dependable Japanese engineering. Acura’s production in North America also makes it a strong contender. Ultimately, choosing between the two brands depends on individual preferences and needs.


While Acura is owned by the Japanese automaker Honda, it is primarily a North American brand. The majority of Acura models are manufactured in the United States, showcasing their strong connection to American production. This blend of Japanese ownership and American manufacturing solidifies Acura’s unique identity in the automotive world.

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